Sunday, August 26, 2007

7 Days

7 days until my birthday Dad!
Mom if you are reading this...this is the only reminder you get!
Don't forget my card either this year!

Yes the Door is Always Open...and the light's on in the hall. My dad used to sing that. He sang a lot of Waylon and Willie and Jerry Lee too! Thanks to Tiffany, I have that song now too. It was kinda funny listening to it...and yet it made me tear up. These are the days I miss my dad the most. Birthdays and Holidays are the toughest. I know I rave on about my dad and I should be raving about my mom too because she's still living, but I don't want to forget these memories of my dad...ever.

You see, I was always Daddy's Girl. He even sang a song to me called Daddy's Girl...and if I ever find it, I'll be ecstatic. He sang it to me on my wedding day. I'll never forget that. Still haven't watched that video because it's so hard still. I'm just not ready yet. Maybe someday. Just not today.

My parents always made a big deal out of our birthdays. I have always loved mine. It's my own own holiday that I get to celebrate anyway I want too. I'm grateful for such great parents. Not everyone had awesome birthday cakes and cool presents like I did growing up. I remember my 7th birthday like it was yesterday. I got a Ballerina Barbie, a Barbie carrying case, and some Barbie outfits. That's when my love of Barbie happened. We had a small party with a couple of my friends and close family over for cake. Nothing didn't have to be. Oh, and my parents were seperated. But my dad was there. He was always there for us.

So when birthdays roll around for those people that I love, I try to do something for them. Even if it's something as simple as a card or something over the top like a trip to Georgia. No matter what, your birthday should be special and I hope I can make it as such...that's how it should be.

And the number of birthdays dictates the type of present you get from me. When my niece turned 16, I sent flower to her at school. My other niece turned 13, I did the same for her. Ashley will be 18 in April and I might have to plan a trip for her. We'll have to see...Ashley will be another topic for another day...because that's a really long story.

I won't be doing anything spectacular this year. I'll only be 37. (Although my trip to Georgia is my birthday present to myself.) I will stay home and play poker and maybe have a cake. The jury is still out on that one. I don't much like celebrating my birthday anymore, at least not with out my dad.

Although I do expect presents and cards. So send them out tomorrow, so that they arrive by the weekend.

Sweet dreams, ya'll.

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