Friday, August 3, 2007


It's Friday. It's payday. And school is around the corner. Guess what I'm doing after work tonight? supply shopping. And a couple of haircuts. Then I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow...except to Waseca. Then I can come home and scrap as planned.

I have some invitation samples to do up before next weekend for Bruce and Irene's wedding. Hopefully they will like what I've created for them.

I have a layout to create also...for the Jen fundraiser...then I can mail it out. After I get all that done...I have to prepare for Retreat! I found my Power Layout I will have layouts ready to assemble...and I hope to crank out 100 this time since I'm taking that Friday off!!

And Sunday...we have to go price things and sort for the garage sale. I asked for that Thursday and Friday off..we'll see though...what the boss decides. I'll have to go and put an ad in the paper too...the week before...and make signage to post up! So much to little time to do it in!!

And if you read this...leave me a comment and let me know you are lurking.

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Petra said...

I stop in from time to time. :)