Friday, August 24, 2007

Best Friends

I only have a handful of true friends. But the friends that I do have, I have had for many years. I’m kind of fussy about who I let into my heart. And even more fussy about who stays.

I met Kim in the 6th grade. It was my first day in a brand new school after just moving down to Faribault over the Memorial Day weekend that summer. I was terrified. Lord knows, I hated change even then. That was in 1980.

We became instant friends that very day after discovering that her birthday is 2 days after mine. Another Virgo…go figure.

27 years and seven kids between us later, we are still good friends. I cherish Kim, although I don’t always tell her that, she just knows. It’s the unspoken love that we have for each other that keeps us friends. We can fight and forgive all in the same day. And live to tell about it. She’s like a sister to me, one that I can actually get along with even.
Love ya Kimmie!!

Cheryl on the other hand, was a different story. I never thought we’d end up best friends. I met her in the 7th grade in Mrs. Olson’s Social Studies class. She sat right directly behind me and pulled on my pigtails when we had a test, so that she could cheat off of my paper. The joke was on her though, cause I wasn’t that smart in that class. And from then on we became good friends. Even shared a boyfriend, well sorta. I told her to call him and ask him to go out with me, and she ended up getting the guy…Neil. I always thought that they would get married. Never happened though. And even after that, we always got along.

She’s the one that knows all my secrets and still loves me unconditionally. And after 26 years, we can talk about anything and not get offended in doing so. She doesn’t judge me. And I love her for that! That’s why she’s the Godmother to all four of my kidlins. And they all love her too as much as I do. She’s the only one that can handle them all together. Military style even! She’s my rock, my confidant, and my best friend. She’s my homey fo sho! Love ya girl!

Both of these ladies have grown and inspired and achieved in their lives. I'm proud to call them friend.

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