Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Qui!

I wish I was there right now with you as you celebrate your special day. I would have loved to have surprised you like I did Tiffany, but hey, there’s always next year! So I composed a little poem instead. I hope you like it sweetie. I hope your day is the best ever because you surely deserve it! As always, I hope you know these words come from my heart.

I hope the rain washes away all your fears.
I hope the wind dries up all your tears.
I hope the ocean cleanses your soul.
I hope the sun always shines on you, where ever you go.
And I hope you know I love you so.

Words never seem to be enough for me however when I let people know how much I care for them. As far back as I can remember it’s been the actions that have spoken louder than words. I guess that it’s harder for me to let that cliché go than what I thought.
And I am always thinking…If tomorrow never comes, would they know how much I loved them? Life is just too dang short not to tell how you feel. I guess my parents raised me well, cause we said “I love you” all the time in our house. I say it now all the time to my kids, my family, and my friends…always. Yet it never seems to be enough.

So that brings me to the little things in life. Don’t take for granted those little things. Go hug your child or call a friend you haven’t seen in a while and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. You’ll feel better, and so will they. Share that love with everyone you know. I’ll try to lead by example.

“If they could love like you and me, imagine what the world could be.”

I know I’ve been pretty sappy this week and I apologize for that.
This week is almost over, so bear with me ya’ll.

And I promise to post pictures as soon as I get my computer up and running…because don’tcha know that it crashed last night. I’ll be busy this weekend getting that up and running…I’m spoiled with 2 monitors and it’s driving me so nuts!

Happy Thursday…and know that I love you all!

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Tiffany said...

Nice blog hon. I'm sure V will love it....You speak from the heart as always !!