Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well I got the bathroom all cleaned. Except the toilet. That's Tom's job...actually his and Erik's. I figure they have to lift the seat up, they can clean it.

I also got the laundry caught up. Until the kids all come home and clean their rooms. Which is tonight's project. After we get back from Grandma's house. Today is packing day...should only take us 2 hours if that. We will see.

Two of them (kids) came home last night...the other two wanted to stay another thanks mom for that nice break!

Last night I had to pick Tom up from work...and since we had no kids yet...we went to the Pizza Ranch for supper. If you have on near you...check it out! Good food and great prices too! We had the buffet for $8 apiece! They had pizza, chicken, salad bar, dessert bar, cheesy breadsticks, dessert pizza...the works! And our drink and tax was included in that price too! Good stuff, I tell ya!

The next 3 weekends are going to be busy for us. Next weekend is Morristown's Dam Days. Erik is doing Scout stuff all weekend...selling pop and such to raise funds for the troop. The parade is Friday's a 2 hour deal...starting at about's huge! I dread the crowd every year...I'm not a big crowd person for sure.

The next weekend is Natalea's birthday. She'll be 11. And we can tell. She's already rebellious. And moody. We're waiting for the bomb to drop. UGH! I'm not looking forward to that.

Then Erik starts summer school. 2 weeks in June and 2 weeks in July/August. Dumb schedule and it wasn't how I planned it to be. But then it never is.

Then it's Tom's company picnic. More crowds. Is summer over yet??

I can't wait to relax on my weekends and not have anything planned. I need one day to myself for jammie lounging...or my week is total chaos. That's my time to regroup my brain. To get ready for the next week's jailbirds and clients that call on me to help solve their problems and relay messages. Alot of mental work...but I love every minute of it.

Oh and the Boss will be on vacation quite frequently this summer. So if he has nothing planned for me, then I think I'll put together some scrapping kits and bring them to work. I think I'll try the ones that are in CK. That will probably be easier to get more done that way.

Oh..and before I forget...if you want to see a great flick...check out Into the Blue. Great modern day treasure hunting flick. Lots of ocean involved! I love ocean flicks...awesome stuff!

I'll leave you with that...Have a great Sunday!

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