Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May Day

I totally forgot that it was May Day yesterday! So...Happy Belated May Day!

May is such a good month around here. We have many birthdays in our family in May. My parent's Anniversary is/was on the 5th. They would have been married for 28 years this year on that date. I think I should explain that they were married to each other we don't count the first time...but I'll be 37 in September, so they would have been together for 38+ years this October I believe. Even though my dad is now in Heaven, we still remember and count the special days.

And birthdays...oh my goodness....

3rd-My cousin Jason
19th-My mom Glenda
25th-My puppy Midnight...a.k.a. Bubba
28th-My sister Teressa

Ok...that's only 3...but it seems like alot! And add in Memorial Day and the anniversary, it gets kinda is the last month for the kids to be in school...their last day is May 31st this year!

And don't forget to add in...the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the trees are budding and the kids want to just RUN outside and play all day long!

Definitely a time for rejuvinating and new life. So I'll leave you with that...rejuvination and new life...have a great day!

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