Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Let the countdown begin.
I’m not talking days anymore either.
I’m talking HOURS.
51 hours at the typing up of this blog post…central standard time.
50 hours eastern standard time.

HOURS until I land myself in Savannah, Georgia.
HOURS until I meet my Best Bridesmaid.
HOURS until I am in the warmth of the Georgian red clay.
HOURS until I see the Atlantic Ocean.
HOURS until the fun begins.

AND the fun WILL begin.

Everyday since my birthday, Tiffany and I have giggled and laughed via webcam and we have gotten pretty crazy together too. I sure hope we don’t get into trouble while I am there. (We do have a backup plan as Chip said he’d bail us out…gives a whole new meaning to Get Chips too!)

I can only imagine the tears of laughter we will share on my visit to her house. OMG ya’ll are in trouble in April…I’m sure of this now more than ever!
And I can’t forget to mention…3 days until Tiffany’s birthday! Oh girl…you have no idea…some special things are going to happen very soon way down yonder on the Chattahoochee! You’re future’s so bright, you better wear shades Shugah!

Our plans for the weekend so far include…
A picnic on the beach (or pier)
A dolphin watch
A dip in the ocean
A tattoo
A birthday party with DQ cake
A photo session
A lunch in Macon (MAKE ON as Gabby says) with her sister and Chip
A few other surprises…

I'm pretty confident we can get it all done...after all...I'm a Git 'Er Done girl and I'm on a MISSION this weekend...and we all know how them MISSIONS turn out!!

I’ll make sure she gets one of me with my jaw dropped open when I see that ocean and pier for the first time…Don’t let me fall in love…all I’m sayin’!

Have a fantabulous Tuesday ya’ll!!


Tiffany said...

Ok...NO surprises! Dont need em. Only thing I need is for you to get here and completely enjoy yourself! I want you to take that dip in the ocean....and YES I WANT YOU TO FALL IN LOVE WITH IT WHEN YOU DO! I know that is still wishful thinking on my part but a girl can dream can't she? Can't wait to see ya thursday! Love ya

Anonymous said...

So excited for the two of you. I know you will have a great time. Like I told you,,,,take lots of pictures,,,,evidence,,,,lol of a good time!
love ya both, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Hon: Bruce and I wish you a safe trip and lots of great memories.Please take lots of pics can't wait to see them.Wish i could be there with you both.Love MOM