Sunday, October 7, 2007


So you have to know my daughter Gabryelle, to appreciate her. And I mean APPRECIATE her.

Friday night she tells me...and these are her exact words..."I was screwing around with the machine in the bathroom, and it spit out 10 cents!"

She was sooooo excited. She thought she hit a jackpot playing Tampon Slots!
Now, mind you, she is only 9. She doesn't know what that machine is or what it's for even (I don't think anyway, she might).

But she has this sense of humor...that's kind of dry in a way. And those of you lucky enough to have met her, know what I'm talking about! Those of you who haven't had the privilege yet, watch out and brace are in for quite a treat!

Happy Sunday, ya'll!
Love ya's! MUAH'S!


tiffanysolano said...

Well I can tell ya one thing sweet cheeks....if she does that on the tampon slots, im taking her to vegas with me!!! LMFAO. I get a good giggle out of that one everytime. JACKPOT!

Anonymous said...

Gabe is a sweetheart just like you
Give her my love
Love MOM and Grandma Lucky