Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Oh man, in all my humor and excitement yesterday, I forgot to tell you what was the major malfunction in all that!

You see in the photo below, most normal people have a curved towards the front tailbone...A.K.A. Coccygeal Vertibrae.

Well, mine curves toward the front, but then it takes a sharp turn backwards almost in an "L" shape...but not that sharp of a corner...almost a 45 degree angle.

And when I sit down, it feels like I am sitting right on the tip of that tailbone. It's hard to explain the pain unless you have had the injury before. And if ya'll know me, I can't tolerate a lot of pain. I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to pain...just can't stand it. It's a wonder I birthed 4 kids!

The treatment for this sort of thing is limited. I mean, it's not like you can put your butt in a cast or anything. You can take pain medication to help with the pain, or you can have surgery to have it removed as it's not a vital piece of your spine.

And surgery for me isn't an option until after June because of vacation days and the upcoming wedding in April. So predicting the future like I always do, I see the Neurosurgeon in my future, probably in December or January. If I know my body like I think I do, the pain won't go away and this won't heal on it's own. And Dr. Wagner didn't look too hopeful. Although he cracked up when I asked him about a Donut...and not one from the bakery either...LOL!

Yes folks, I am Ass Backwards. But lucky for me I have a Sugared Donut butt you can bet my sweet ass I'm going to enjoy all these puns and jokes! You have to have humor with an injury like this...or it's totally worthless!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

Love you,


P.S. I'll post a picture of my sweet ass tomorrow after Tiffany takes it for me...I'm stuck on you!
***Edited to add Tiffany's picture! Just call me Sweet Cheeks!

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Tiffany said...

Hey Sweet Cheeks!! So sorry that you are hurting like you are and more sorry that you are going to be the BUTT of all jokes for a little while anyway! It was priceless to see you stand up last night with that blue donut stuck to your butt...talk about funny. Ok no jokes for now. You know I will have some for you later tho! Love ya