Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Weekend!

Well it’s Homecoming in Waterville tonight.
There’s a parade this afternoon.
The game is tonight.
Activities have been going on all week.
And my kids thought they’d be going to the game.
Until…they were informed that since they didn’t get their chores done, they aren’t going.
I know, Mean Mom. Tough. They’ll learn sooner or later to listen when I speak.

They have rooms to clean and clothes to put away. It’s not like I’m asking them to move the Earth or anything. Take an hour out of your day and get it done. Stay on task and all it’ll take is an hour. Easy peasy.

Not for them. They are the most stubborn children I have ever met. I can stand over them and make them do it and they still wouldn’t get it done. So I quit doing that. I was just wasting my time and energy. Now I take away what they love in exchange for chores getting done. Get it done, or it’s gone. Easy peasy.

I told the girls this morning, if they got their chores done, I’d take them out for supper tonight. We’ll see when I get home and pick them up if they did them or not. I have to take Tommy to get his car after we pick him up. Then I can have mine for tomorrow. By the end of my day today, I will have put on 100 miles. 2 trips to Waseca and back and 2 trips to Faribault and back = 100 miles. I’ll be tired I know.

Natalea has a volleyball tournament tomorrow and Lynn is having a Stampin’ Up! Party.
I already put my order in for the party. I needed some more white ultrasmooth cardstock for Bruce and Irene’s invitations. I ordered plenty.

Speaking of invitations, I believe I have all my supplies here now to start them. I had the photos printed up the other day. Now I’ll have to do them up assembly line style. I only have 3 weekends to go before they have to get done. I’ll map out my steps on paper (in my B&I Wedding Notebook) first, then assemble as required. It all requires that the first step be completed before I can move on to the second step and third step, etc. It’ll be some tedious prep work, but I’m feeling pretty groovy about it all. So, B&I, have no fear, TT is here! (I love that…B&I…lol…rhymes with V&I and T&I…lmao!)

Happy Friday Ya’ll!
Have a Groovy weekend!
I love you all!


tiffanysolano said...

You have got it going on!! That is all I am going to say......


Bruce (aka PA) said...

Don't wear yourself out hon. Mom an I are so glad for all your help. We both love you and your blogs.