Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Brrrrrrr….Baby it’s cold outside!
I swear it’s about 50 degrees out with no sunshine. Drab and Dreary…with clouds up above…yuck. Back to turtlenecks, sweaters, and jeans. Gone are the days of sandals and dresses I think. Pretty soon I’ll be turning the heat on. It is supposed to warm up by the weekend, so I’m holding off on that heat thing still.

Matter of fact, Tommy is getting the kids’ winter jackets out of storage today. It was so chilly this morning, they should have had them, but wore sweatshirts instead. Me, I wore my sweater as usual. I won’t wear that winter jacket until Monday (for the game anyway).

Last night Erik’s football team played against Blooming Prairie.
Of course, we won. My son’s team is now 7-0.
Thursday night is the last regular game and it’s at home.
I plan on going, unless it’s raining.

Then Monday night is the Pumpkin Bowl. I for sure have to go to that because Mo is cheerleading/dancing at halftime. You can find me on top of the electrical box with my tripod taking pictures of them both. Pray I don’t get electrocuted. (I’ll be wearing tennis shoes…I should be ok right?)

I want to give a few SHOUT OUT’S to my fans…An Artist is only as good as their fans make them to be! Love ya’ll!!

Tiffany…Thanks Babes for reading daily!
Kelly…Thanks hon for the comment!
Dutchie…Thanks for lurking!
Mom and Pa…Thanks for making me giggle!
Mom…I am not full of shit like you think…lol!
V-Man…I miss ya babe!

Have a Happy Hump Day!


tiffanysolano said...

Now what makes you think I read these everyday?? Oh damn, I guess leaving a comment each time is a dead give away huh? LOL. I love your writing hon. So you know I am going to read em. I get an honorable mention from time to time too, so for that I have to keep checking back!! You know thats not the only reason though. I love ya honey, keep up the great blogs! As always they bring a smile to my face and some warmth to my heart!

Joris said...

A lurking fan?!?!?!

I will be a FULL BLOWN fan now of your blog! I read the articles about your trip to Georgia and the adventures in Minnesota and I love it. I bookmarked your blog today and I will make a habit of reading it every day....I might even read the articles TWICE!