Friday, October 26, 2007

Pool Tournament

Boyfriend...a.k.a...Nate Rinehart in the top picture.
SB...a.k.a...Tessie Winjum in the bottom picture. (My sister)

This last Saturday, I had the pleasure of going down to Spike's for my first ever Pool Tournament and to watch my sister shoot some pool. I was shooting her shoot.
Imagine my surprise when these pictures actually turned out.
Oh I practiced before her match up with the Master shooter.
I had the pleasure of shooting Jay Z. as he practiced before hand. He loved the pictures I took. They are progressive in a way, kind of like a movie.
I took about 200 pictures...but not all of them turned out or made the editing cut.
And I can tell you that this Pool Tournament Virgin will go and watch another one at the end of November.
AND...out of the 64 guys and the 19 women...I actually knew someone...Mr. Telephone Man was there! It was great to see him too!
Oh...and Tessie won that first match against the Master. I was pretty proud of my little sister.
I'm looking forward to just watching next time...and learning even more about the art of billiards.
Happy Friday!

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