Monday, October 8, 2007



Here's an update on the current outstanding MISSIONS.

{Uncle Jerrill's Death Certificate}

My cousin sent away for this over 6 weeks ago and has not heard a word.
I sent an email inquiry today, so we'll see if I get a response or not. As soon as I get more details from Donna, I'll give them a call. Don't make me go down there to complete this MISSION. It will not be pretty, I can promise that. I might have to call up my Aunt Debbie for help. I don't want to bother her though, so I'll try to accomplish this one on my own yet.
Why is it taking so long? It's a Death Certificate for pity's sake.

{Tiffany's Birthday Surprise}

Well, both Tiffany and I (and her son Andrew) are counting down the days until I get to Georgia.
24 Days to go until I arrive in Savannah.
25 Days until her birthday.
Her son is our walking calendar. Everyday, Tiffany asks him, "Andrew how many days?" and Andrew will say, "25 momma and tomorrow is 24!" (or however many days it actually is)
He's so stinking cute too, when he says it. I can't wait to get there!

{B&I Wedding}

I am expecting the rest of the cardstock to arrive today via UPS.
I can then finish printing up the invites and begin assembly.
I think when the Boss goes on his hunting trip to Montana, I'll do these at work.
There I will have peace and quiet and minimal interuption.
Sounds like a plan to me. Unless the Boss gives me a list.

{Dad's Military Records}

I sent away for my dad's military records. Unfortunately for me, his records were part of a fire and were destroyed. They sent me a copy of his Discharge paper, so at least I have a legible copy now. So, if anyone reading this has early pictures of my father, please contact me so that I can get copies of them.

{Dad's Records}

I still haven't gotten these put to CD yet. I'll have to get over to mom's one day and dig them out. She had them out the other day looking for her birth certificate and didn't leave them out for me. I'll have to give Cousin George a call too and see if he has anything, as well as the rest of the Marlar family that I haven't met yet.

I think that those are all the outstanding MISSIONS I have going on right now. At least those are the ones I can think of.

Happy Monday to you all.


Anonymous said...

Bruce and I are very happy with you so don't seat it hon
It will all work out
Love MOM

Anonymous said...

it should read SWEAT it

tiffanysolano said...

Yep...leave it up to Andrew to keep up with the days for us. Its almost as cute as Morgan trying to touch you on the webcam. Those kids are crazy about you (wonder who they get that from?)