Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Quick Brag

First of all, this is post #400. Go ME for keeping it up.

Second of all, my children received their report cards yesterday. Go THEM!
All of them had 80 or above, except Natalea had 1 little 75. Had she gotten an 80 or above, she would have made the Honor Roll. Erik made the "B" Honor Roll and Gabby of course made the "A". Wish learning was that easy for me...she's definitely got her daddy's learning gene.

Seeing Erik's report card, raised up some questions. If he's supposedly reading at the 4th grade level, then why is he getting 80's and 90's for grades?? We'll be making this my next mission to find out...and we ALL know what happens when the word "MISSION" is involved. I'll be calling Dr. Scurry back in MN to find an outside psychologist to test my boy. Maybe he has some colleagues here, since he's from these parts and all. Yeah, it's MISSION TIME.

I'm off to pack for my day long crop...I have photos to go through to locate all of Ashley's photos. I'll be putting these to good use REAL soon....MISSION #2.
(The Rugrats are on the tv...Megan is SO Angelica-like)
Happy Saturday!
Much Love To ALL!

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