Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Musings (Bring Your Humor!)

My New #10. As promised. He finally got up to bat at Friday's game.
Which they lost 17-4 or something like that.
At least he got to play. Some boys didn't. Which isn't real fair either.
But that's another ranting post.
On to other things...scroll down please.
This was Tommy's first day at work.
In his new now.
He'll get his real uniform when he completes training.
He didn't want to smile...and therefore looks grumpy.

Here's the humor. While my children (read "girls" here) were cleaning their rooms, this is how creative and constructive they make use of their time. Mind you, 2 out of 3 of those girls have completed DARE training, so I'm not worried about them contracting any bad habits soon, but one has to wonder when they got to be so demented. I know where they get it from, but when did that happen? They are so weird. Oh and for the record, I did NOT take this photo...they staged this photo shoot behind my back. Go figure. One more thing they got from me.
Oh and I PASSED far I have a 64%. The instructor isn't done grading the final exam yet, so I'll find out later sometime this week. But yay I PASSED at the very least!!! And because of that class, I didn't make the Dean's List this time. But this next term...I'm back to giving it my all. I have Human Relations, College Writing, and Digital Image Editing. Can you see the A's? They are well within my grasp!!
Happy Monday to everyone.
It's a beautiful day in your neighborhoood...go check it out!


Anonymous said...

and where do u think they got their demented humor?????????? is that a doll for remmy?????? that was too funny.....keep up the good work girls.....your grandma and remmy

Linda said...

Wowww, congratulations on your Algebra!!