Sunday, March 15, 2009

Backyard Camping 101

Saturday the girls wanted to spend the night outside in the tent...the girls meaning Gabby and Monique. So they set the tents up, built a firepit, and roasted marshmallows. Sounds fun doesn't it? They did it all by themselves, even the firepit.
Enter the weather forecast.
I told the girls I'd have to rain on their parade as it was about to rain on their campground. Mo wanted to know if they could put the tents up in the living room. I asked if they needed staking, she said no, so I said yes.
Now each of the girls got their own tent for Christmas, so I had 2 tents up in my living room and 1 whining brother who couldn't see the t.v. as they were in the way of it. Go figure.
It all worked out anyway and Mo slept in the tent, Gabby on one couch, Peanut on the other and Natalea in between the tents.
Now I do have photos, but for whatEVER reason, blogger won't upload them, so they will be posted at a later date.

I am home today though, with a sick baby. After their camping trip, Monique decided to be sick on Sunday and into this morning. So here we are. I hate being home with sick kids...I really would rather be at work. Matter of fact, I hate missing work for ANY reason. I take pride in that perfect attendance I had at Ecker's. For the whole first year. Unless I was snowed in.
Anywho, wish her a speedy recovery today.

Meanwhile, I'll work on laundry and some other things while I continue to monitor her.
Happy Monday to you!

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