Friday, March 13, 2009

Final Grade

Algebra....70%!!!!!!!!! ya doin'?
I love that I passed Algebra with a 70%...remember that 60% is GO ME!!
Computer Applications....90%
Digital Illustration....88%
Bringing my average to 82%...I'll take that, thank you very much!!
Especially with the Algebra...I might have made the Dean's List if I wouldn't have had that class.
This next term, that's our goal again. We need to get back on track here.
Even if it means I have to go outside at work and do my schooling.
(I can't sit at my desk anymore, they expect me to work on my lunch then.)

This next term I'll be taking Human Relations, College Writing 2, and Image Editing.
Well hello, I already edit my photos. I'm thinking "A" there.
And I already write, right? I'm thinking maybe "A" there as well.
But that Human Relations, I don't think I'm human enough to relate...hehehehe...some of you may agree!! I'm thinkin' "A" there too!

Now for the weekend agenda...
Cleaning bedrooms, and scraprooms.
Claxton's Rattlesnake Roundup festival...with a parade at 10am on Saturday...and lots of rattlesnakes. (EWWW, but ok.)
Unless it's raining, then we stay home. And maybe paint a wall or 3. And maybe a ceiling.
Pray for rain. Kids are off from school today and Monday for some sort of break. Who are they kidding? It's no break here!

And my son reads. Go him!
Everyday in the mornings...Go Ms. Randall!
We told him he has to read at least 5th grade level books and little books. And outloud for at least 5 minutes. He's like me...very uncomfortable reading aloud. He doesn't want to mess up and get teased. I can relate. We'll be working on this and getting him over that fear soon.

Happy Friday, y'all.
Happy scrapping....and Congrats to Nicole Larish for getting a $1000 grant from the McKnight Foundation for creating her art!!

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