Saturday, March 7, 2009

Clean Up, Clean Up

How ya doin'?

Remember that song from Barney?
I think the Big Comfy Couch had one too during the 45 second tidy.
You don't remember? Then your kids are too old...

Anywho, that's what's snappenin' at our house today.
Cleaning up bedrooms, scrap rooms, bathrooms, etc.
Along with study time.
And scrappy time. is hosting an all day crop...from midnight to midnight.
Guess who was up at 3am? Yep, I was!
I have to wait until 6am to sign into the blog, but I can start the challenges anytime!
Watch for some pages appearing at a blog near you!

And I'm sending Tommy out for some ink and chocolate.
Gotta have plenty of both for school and coffee.

In other news...
One of my former Brownie Girl Scouts lost her mother this week in a housefire.
My heart and prayers go out to Casey Hurley and her family.
You see, Casey is set to graduate with Ashley this year, as are most of the other girls in that troop. Casey was the shy one who barely talked until about the end of the meeting. She was so sweet as well and always well behaved. She did fairly well in cookie sales and was always a joy to be around.
We are saddened and shocked to hear this news.

Give thanks for what you have and be grateful today. Especially in today's economy.
Happy Saturday.

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rmeyfe said...

LOL I couldn't sleep in either so here I am at 5:35am on a saturday morning ready to scrap too!!