Monday, March 23, 2009

A Fresh Look

This is the new scraproom.
While I love the color, I'd never buy KILZ again for trailer walls.
I could peel it right off if I wanted to.
I'll take a final photo when I get everything back into it. Heh.
(I'll be weeding through some stuff and either ebaying it or giving it away.)
Natalea took this out of focus shot. Everything is better in color. LOVE it!
My Disfunctional kitchen, according to Erik.
I woke up Sunday morning to find a note from my son. This is what I read:
"I can not cook super in a disfunctional kitchen. Love Erik Trump"
(Someone please tell him that cannot is one word. What's happening to our English classes?)
He came home hungry...of course...from his 8 mile pull-cart trek on Saturday. And came home to this mess in my kitchen. Gotta love room makeovers. I'll take a photo of the dining room currently housing all my scrap stuff. Heh. That'll be tomorrow's post.
Peace out y'all.
Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

yup that's my boy lol lol.

mary h. said...

lol! Love the color of your new scraproom.