Thursday, March 19, 2009

As Promised...

See what happens when you smoke crack??
You break your leg...and have to splint it between a book and a crib railing.
Sad, but true.
Don't smoke crack.
(My kids are warped, for REALSIES!)
Thanks mom. They get it from her.

And the firepit...homemade by Gabby and Mo. Not bad for a couple of girls, Erik said.
And they are in Marshmallow heaven...or at least Mo is. I didn't get a single one.
I think she turned into a Marshmallow Girl. Now she just needs a bunch of bananas.
After the weather was going sour, here's what the living room looked like!
Wall to Wall tents...they do have an imagination.
Mo was in the red one. Nobody in the blue one. Go figure.
And stay tuned for pics of my new haircut.
I cut it...short...chin length bob with layers.
Sorta Madonna Messy-ish.
Since the 80's are coming back.
Now I need to color it.
Just before my trip back to Minnesota.
Happy Thursday!

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