Saturday, January 10, 2009


Apparently, I am very entertaining to my mother and aunt. Who knew? HA!
By request, I am blogging today, purely for their entertainment only.

Erik and Gabby made the Honor Roll, and all of my childrens had good report cards brought home. Now if I can get the other 2 on the honor roll, we'll all be there!

Natalea scored a goal at the free throw line yesterday!! Her very first one...I'll post it later after I edit it further. One day, I'll figure out how to shoot basketball photos...they move so fast that everything is a blur!
Oh and they won the game 44-4 or something like that...a blowout of sorts. That's why Nat got to

They lost the game the night before by 1 point, so they were pretty stoked last night.

School started yesterday...My Algebra instructor brought up Math Anxiety right away...GO HIM! They actually have a name for all this apprehension I have! Now I'm pumped up for this class..must be a mentality thing...who knew? HA!

I'm off to scrap really quick...a sketch challenge...52 weeks of sketch challenges...this is week 1! For those that don't scrapbooking a sketch is like a blueprint for the layout that makes scrapping quick and easy like this fabulous one by Susan Weinroth for Fiskars:

I plan on using this for part of Ashley's secret graduation project to be revealed in June...kinda like Ty Pennington's Secret Room!! WOOHOO!! GO TY!!

Besides laundry, assignments, and scrapbooking...that's all we're doing this weekend.
What's going on in your world??
Leave a's lonely at the top ya know!


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