Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Update

Happy Monday.
I still don't feel to good.
Dang colds kick my ass every time.
Slow but sure, I'll get over it.

I found all my birth certificates and marriage license for Tom to take to the prison.
Even printed out a 4x6 photo for them and made copies of the high school and college diplomas.
He's getting another hearing test on Tuesday at 1:00pm and if he does considerably better, we'll schedule the vision test. They must want their employees in tip top shape. Hehe.
Now, if I can just get him to start getting into shape so it's not such a shock to his body. Hehe.

Natalea has 2 games this week.
Tournament games at the high school even. Which means I must get those photos off the camera after I'm done with this, charge my battery, and go into work early today and work through lunches and inform the higher up's.
She missed the last game of the season due to illness on Wednesday, as did I, but that's ok, we're on our way to healthy now!

Ha. Erik has boy scouts tomorrow too. Don't know HOW I'm going to do that. He may have to miss this week.

In the process of finding diplomas and license's, I had the boys bring in the memorabilia tubs. Our project this upcoming weekend is to condense from 3 to 1. We'll see. I wonder if I can scrap as fast as they sort? Probably not. But I can page plan...hmmm...let me think on that for the week.

We also need to get organized to maybe have a yard sale in April. With Tommy starting at the prison on the 9th, he'll be in Reidsville for a week, then Forsythe for 4 weeks. April sounds good.
Then before you know it, June will be here! We can't wait to see everyone...we miss you and love you all very much!!

On that note...Have a great day!!

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