Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, Friday

Man O Man...what a WEEK!
I'm so glad it's the weekend...
Here's what's on our plate...
Today...we have to work, of course, and kids have school.
Natalea doesn't have basketball practice, but they are having a Coach's Luncheon at noon.
Erik has to help with the Cub Scout Derby tonight and tomorrow in Vidalia.

{Anthony's mother in law passed away, so he can't be there. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Anthony and his family in this tough time for them. He's a "Good Ol' Boy" and we really like him as Erik's Troop Leader.}

I have a portrait assignment to finish up, and then some scrapping to do. I want to participate in that 52 week far, so good. I'll post that portrait assignment to see if you can guess who it is when I'm done.

I need to study my algebra on Sunday. I will work the problems in my book for more practice. I am going to conquer my fear of that subject one way or another.

It's 30 degrees outside right now. It was so cold in Minnesota yesterday, they closed schools...I see many are delayed today...check your local news station. They don't close school here, so if you want a quality education minus the snow days, head south to our neck of the woods. Hehe.

Happy Payday!

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