Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

I tried to get my mom to call me in sick for the day.
She wasn't having none of that.
I wanted to stay home and watch all the coverage of the Inauguration, but my boss said I had to work. They don't see the signifigance of today like I do.

Here's what I see....
I see a black man that will be President of the United States.
Only thing better than that, would have been a BLACK WOMAN.
(That woulda sent people rolling over in their graves!)
The still segregate in the south. I've seen it.
In my 38 years, I never thought I would see this day. EVER.
I thought my kids would see it first, after I was dead and gone though.
Not today. Not in present day America. Not ever.

I can't tell you how proud I am of America today. Proud of my heritage and proud of my family too. I'm sure I'll be emotional all day, much as I try to be a tough broad, that ain't happenin' today.
Let me 'splain.
I grew up in North Minneapolis. There were no color boundaries in my neighborhood. I thought I was just as much black as Mrs. Johnson thought her family was white. REALLY.I.DID.
(I have the butt to prove that)
We did everything together, me and Nichole. Even after we moved to Faribault, I spent summers there.
(Wish I knew Aunt Mary's last name...I owe her a precision haircut..and she's in Atlanta.)
And all my life, my family has been multi-racial. My cousin is Mexican. My other cousin is Mulatto. My uncle and brother are black. My cousin in laws are black. You get the picture.
Love knows no color, and it's not just black and white either. (Hi Rellies!)

Anywho, today is signifigant because the rest of the world will be able to experience what I have been experiencing first hand for years.
Today brings hope, peace and love to all the world.
Today dreams do come true.
Today is the beginning of the rest of my children's lives and all the children of the world.
Opportunity is knocking, let's open the door and let him in.
All the fighting that the black man, woman, and child has done for all these years, ends today.
Today, we are equal.
If you don't get on that bus, you'll be left behind.
It's gonna be a remarkable ride!

48 years ago today, JFK was sworn in.
It's funny how history repeats itself.
Let's see what change will come about, and let's embrace it while we have it.
Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.
Go for it! The world is at your feet begging for you to pick it up!
Happy January 20, 2009!!

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