Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Please be ADVISED...
If I have photos of you prior to the year 2000...
Please email me with your address so that I may get those to you in the next month or so.
If NOT, I WILL be contacting you via MySpace or FaceBook!

My purpose is 2-fold here.
I need to organize my photos and
also make space for the 6000 I took last year...hehehe.

No, really though, I need to declutter my photos and well, I've already said that having this many photos should be against the law.
At least my heirs will know I loved the camera and life.

Classes start on Thursday apparently.
I can hardly wait to get this quarter over.
Algebra is good and I will master it.
Algebra is good and I will master it.
Algebra is GOOD and I WILL master it.

Let's hope that works. ALOT of self talk is good.
Lord hear my prayer.
Can I get a HollyLouYer?

Kids go back to school today...YAY!!!
I'm off to get ready for work and get them up.
Happy Hump Day!!

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