Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

No it's not our REAL anniversary, but still an anniversary of sorts.
We have been in Georgia for 1 whole year now!!
I can't believe the year has flown by so quick too.
A BIG HONKIN' Thanks to Tiffany for getting and keeping us here...we REALLY couldn't have done it without you girl!!

Speaking of Tiffany, she's got lil Bassett Hound puppies for sale!

Did I mention I really don't like math? This will be the true test of my ability, this semester. I already want to avoid this whole semester. But I really like my Digital Illustration class and the hottie instructor is the same from the Intro to Graphic Design...that's my little ray of sunshine in this semester, right there! Pray that we win that Mega Millions so I can retire and concentrate on school and be less stressed. Pray hard.

Tyler Perry sent me an email and told me to Pray, Believe, and have Faith...I went to Wordle.net and put in this phrase..."Pray, Believe, and Have Faith" and it kicked out some cool collaborations...I printed 2 of them to frame. For the Studio. I may put one up at work as well.

Speaking of Studio....MY dear friend and schoolmate and lakemate Jason Tako (Gene's stepkid from the little village down the road between us and VanDerVeen's) has apparently been creating and you can check him out at JasonTako.com...YOU WON'T be disappointed!! He is AMAZING!!! And who knew?? Damn Tessie keeping secrets again!! I always liked Jason and he was such a good kid..didn't get into drugs or crime...turned out very well.

4 more days until Friday. Why is it we want the week to hurry up and the weekend to last forever? Weird, but true. Then we sit and wonder where the time went. Heh.

Happy Tuesday...

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Anonymous said...

are you going to jason's art show in charleston???? mom