Thursday, January 15, 2009

7 Weeks

Is it March YET?
I am counting down the days until I can be done with Algebra.
I'm telling you...I DON'T LIKE IT.

Hope you're staying warm.
It's 55 here today...we had a windchill advisory...I was laughing hysterically as they have no idea what a windchill is down here!

Anywho, Happy Thursday.
Here's to ALMOST the weekend.
I'll be hibernating...with my Algebra book...and my Illustrator book.
I might have to do all the lessons in that one..that's a really fun class and certainly the shiny spot in my day...I can't do that class until I've done's my reward...TOTAL PSYCH OUT!!
And it works for me.
Monday will be back to a regular school schedule. Thank goodness. I hate being out of routine.


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~ Tiffany said...

Umm some people down here probably dont know about "windchill advisories" but you cant categorize all of us with them. I have lived in this state long enough and have seen windchills as far down as -60!! It does happen!!