Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Wow, did you all read the comment from the last post?
Thank you Turbo Tax for that clarification. I feel special now, and I appreciate your input Mr. you didn't know you were posting on "It's All About The M's!".

I, unfortunately, had my fees deducted from my return, so I will in fact be getting that paper check. I want to clarify that I was very happy with Turbo Tax and it's software. It was very user-friendly and I will be using it again. HOWEVER, I will be opting for the other option and will NOT have my fees deducted from my refund. I also want to state that I did not intend to bash Turbo Tax and I hope they didn't see it that way. I am more upset at myself for, once again, being in a hurry to get things done and having to wait a little longer for Tommy and Erik to get here.

Matter of fact, I told Tommy just the other night, his marriage was safe, because I'm not divorcing him and being a single parent. Kudos to all those that do it...but 'tis not for me!

Okay, moving on. It's 3 a.m. I must be lonely. I have a load of wash in the machine and dishes soaking in the sink. I'll thaw out some chicken for supper tonight and see where that takes me.

The weather has been gorgeous since our Mother's Day Storm...not humid or hot really at all. I've had the windows open and a breeze coming in them since then and it's been chilly at night with the fan on!

And the highlight o f my week...I have to make a list of all the chores around here that have to get done in the next month...and then break them down so they're not so overwhelming for us. Things have to be done before Tommy gets here next month with the rest of our stuff...and I have to make room for another 16 foot truck full of it!! Then the weekend after he gets here,(weather cooperating, of course) we are having a sale...everything must go including some scrappy stuff!! Not sure there is a huge market for scrappy stuff around these parts, but we'll find out! (I'm using the pricing guide of one of the ScrapSupply we'll see...and anything scrappy sold, gets turned into more toys for me!)

Hey, it's Hump Day! Halfway through my work week...and payday for Tommy too! Gotta love that! Have a great day! I'm off to get the dishes done...I've slacked for too long already!

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