Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Did you all see that comment from the best selling author??
Fame has found me once again.

And did I mention that I emailed Mr. Holloway and he emailed me back? He's so humble...and sweet.
Also...Mr. Meighan emailed me as well. So it's been a good week, fame-wise.

Party at the office this week...Mr. Tippett is on vacation. He and his wife are taking her 2 sons to Disneyworld. Better him than me. Although Tommy wants to go and take the kids, I just don't see that happening soon.

Maybe next year...after we've earned a week's vacation and get everything in order here.

But until then...I'll enjoy the peace and quiet around here...and maybe take a trip up the road to Atlanta...and explore that Piemont Park and Avon Avenue...the 4200 block...hehehe! I might have to take a weekend scrappy getaway for the ClassyScrapper's Crop in August. I thought maybe we could all go up for the weekend..I can scrap and they can play in the pool at the hotel!

First I have to get my plane tickets to Minnesota...I got me a couple of HOT HOT dates in July!

30 Days...Until Tommy and Erik arrive...and if these girls don't get it together...they won't make it! I reckon he'll be here BY the 20th of June...provided that check is on time. We'll improvise if not...but say a prayer that it's on time so I can have my family all together again! It's been a tough, long road for us...but we're gonna Git Er Done!

Oh...and just in case...Congratulations JP on graduation!! It's hard to believe that little boy has grown to be a man. JP is Tom's cousin's son...for those of you that didn't know who he was. Good Luck JP!!

Happy Tuesday...Here's to a productive day today...c[_]...CHEERS!


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