Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthdays and Other Tidbits

Happy Birthday Mom!
It was this day 32 years ago, that you dropped me off at Hamilton school in that old brown Buick and I hollered to everyone at the top of my lungs out of the window that you were 30. Remember that?
I it was yesterday!

I hope you have the most fantabulous day mom...I love you and Happy Birthday!! And once again...32 years later...everyone knows your age! Your package will be UPS'd this week!

Other tidbits....

35 days approximately until Tommy and Erik get here. I can hardly wait. They have a chore list a mile long...per their'll keep them busy this summer!

I managed to get my bedroom and my bathroom done this weekend...but that was it. I did have 4 rooms on my list...but Sunday I was so wiped out and didn't feel good enough, that I just laid in bed most of the day and watched Madea all day.

If you haven't already, go get those movies...anything Tyler Perry...with Madea as the main too stinkin' hilarious! That man is truly gifted with his entertaining...I just love him! It'd be fun if he'd sneak down here to Collins and show up on my doorstep...I'd crack up for sure once he brought that Madea voice out!

So I have laundry going on...and dishes soaking...and clothes to fold on my bed already this morning...and much of the same for the rest of the week...with a few other things thrown in just for fun!

What's in your wallet??

Happy Monday...




Greg said...

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Anonymous said...

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