Sunday, May 4, 2008

NSD~Day 2

Progression...and so out of the box for me.

Now THIS is my kinda work...complete with a hinged hidden journaling tag.
Here Fishy, Fishy! This was Torm's Challenge....that girl not only cracks me up...but she can paper piece like nobody's business!! We did find her panties...Monique stole them! You can see more of Torm's work over yonder at the sidebar under Sharyn Tormanen.

And Technique Tuesday Loves Me Still stamps! First time I've ever used them...and wow I am in love with these stamps!! {Thanks Torm for hooking me up with Technique Tuesday!} This was the product of Tania Willis' Stamp and Stitch challenge. All of these challenges can be viewed at the sidebar under ScrapSupply....that's where I was at all weekend. Lastly, but not leastly, we sold Blondie tonight. Yep, our little blonde sweetheart is gone...but to a great home...The Marcotte's bought her around 6:15 pm tonight and can't wait to get copies of the photos we took of her! I think Blondie will be very happy with her new home.

So...then there were 2...blackies...boy and girl. Double Trouble even...hehe!

Happy Sunday...much love to you this fine day!

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Sharyn said...

total awesomeness! And I still can't get over Monique stealing my panties. sigh