Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

First and foremost...Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's reading this...and to MY mom...Thanks for being my mom and raising me proper...I am who I am today because of you (and dad).

We are supposed to go to Tybee Island today. I wanted to go to the Dolphin Reef ( restaurant with the girls so that they could enjoy a lunch with an ocean view. (I had that pleasure in Hawaii when Tess got married) Then we'd hit the beach for some sun and surf and photo ops of course. But as of this hour, we haven't gotten that tax surplus check yet, so we'll see what the day brings us.

If nothing else, I will stay home in the air conditioning and work on scrapping that album and editing those photos...2 projects in the works. I'm uploading photos now, so maybe I will work on that a while today. I think I won't spend a lot of time at one sitting with the photo editing as I think my eyes will bug out...or something...and I'll lose that artistic ability fast. But I'll get it done, and it'll be well worth that wait.

Typing all that, I just had a thought. "Mr. C and Mrs. C, Happy!!"
I's sick...but did you expect anything less? I think not.
**Oh yeah, apparently my Best Man up and got married on me...Congratulations Babe! I want a copy of that Marriage just don't believe it yet...You KNOW I'll always love you!!**

Well, I better get the dishes's gonna be a scorcher today I think and I won't be doing housework this afternoon!

Happy Saturday everyone...and I wish you all the best day!