Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas 2007

This Christmas was the year of jokes.

Erik decided that he would personally wrap up his cousin's present for her.
It was an iTunes Giftcard, mind you.
And it was not pretty to watch Oscar opening up her gift. Although she handled it well.
She did love the end result you can see from the smile on her face.
And to think, it all started with a big honkin' box....a smaller box....lots of newspapers....a pair of socks....and the iTunes giftcard wrapped up inside of those! We are evil...but we have soooo much fun!!

Tom and I...are just as evil! Before we went shopping for the kids' gifts, we told Erik he would get a Playstation 2 for his birthday in February...that we couldn't do it for Christmas. I showed him the different bundles that he could pick one out. He said, "Just get me the game console mom, I don't need a bundle. I can get games for twenty bucks." So as Tom and I were shopping, we picked up a bundled PS2 and I wrapped it up for Tom, as I had kinda forgotten to get him some things anyway. So I told the huddle together and watch dad open up his last present...and as Tom opened it up...their jaws dropped...and then they jumped for joy!

So we hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

I apologize for the delay in the blog, but we've been super ubber busy in the last month packing up our house (the landlord chose not to renew our lease) and slowly moving things out of it and into Lynn's garage for the time being.

We have an awesome opportunity to buy a double wide trailer with 5 acres of land (Nanny's House) for a nice price with no middleman involved....contract for deed kinda like. So when opportunity knocked, I opened the door and this weekend we are leaving for Collins, Georgia!

Have a great week ya'll!! I will be busy packing up...but I will document my adventure via Mack Daddy this weekend and post it on Monday after I get my internet hooked up!


Tiffany said...

See ya this weekend hon! Ya'll be careful on your way down!! Georgia wont know what hit em when ya'll get here....lmfao!!!

Joris said...

I am glad opportunity knocked for you and that you could open the door....
Minnesota will probably miss you but I am 100% sure Georgia will welcome you with open arms!!! (somebody will for sure lol)....

I am very happy for you!!!