Saturday, January 26, 2008


Everything is a process around here.
Cause and effect if you will.
I can't do this because of that.
I can't do that because of this.
Tedious even. I hate tedious. I have no patience for tedious. Truly.

But just as I am sitting here typing this up, God is testing my strength once again.
That doesn't kill me, will only make me stronger. Thanks Kanye West for that song.
I will prevail though, don't worry about that. I'm too stubborn and bullheaded (Thanks Grandpa) not too make it to the finish line with this project.

Things are coming along though.
Tiffany has been here almost every single day to help me. (Thanks Tiffany!)

I have managed to accomplish getting Mo's room done, Nat's room done, and my scraproom done (except the organizing...that's the tedious that I love!). I have a few touchups in my bathroom and the girls' bathroom to do and they will be done.

What's left you ask?
Living Room
Dining Room
My Bedroom
And...the other house....4 rooms there with lots of treasures!
(Mom if you want them, come get them!)
And...the shed...after Aunt Mary comes to get what she wants.
(I'm sure we will be having a sale in the spring as well. Antiques galore...come on down!)

Then there is all the outside work to be done. I have to cut trees and limbs down as well as move a few trees. Rake the lawn, get rid of Fire Ant hills, landscape, etc.(Thanks advance!)

Easy you might say...but you don't know how I have to wash the walls all down, vacuum the room, move furniture, etc., etc. Tedious I tell you. Persnickity...maybe, but it will be well worth it. And it will be our home and hopefully critter free.

In the spring I'll do the windows, but not until then.

And I am still the wishy washy washer woman. (Thanks Tormado!)
Nothing smells better than your clothes being dried on the line. And having been rained on. I'll get the wash all done...and hang it all out tomorrow. I'll be getting a new pole soon and then a retractable line I think. Gotta love hanging the clothes out though. Gives a whole new meaning to planning your wardrobe.

I'll be posting some photos stay tuned for that!
But for right now, I may have company coming tomorrow, so I need to get my rear in gear and make this place presentable!

Happy Saturday, ya'll!
Love ya much!

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geemar said...

Save them damn antiques for your mother!!!!!! And call her sometime....she lives on!!!!