Friday, January 18, 2008

New House Pictures

Carport and old house...with clothesline. See the clothes on that line? That's fresh from this morning! I feel like the Wishy Washey Washer Woman...
View from the back deck. My yard goes all the way back to the fence and thensome...according to the deed it crosses the railroad tracks to the neighbor's land line.
The pups' new outdoor kennel. The chains in the backyard just weren't working for Tiffany and I built this for them. With 2 front doors, it worked out perfect and they love it!
Our very own Abby Road...a.k.a. our driveway.
My back deck and swing. I haven't had time to swing in it yet, but rest assured, I surely will.

We like our new house and can't wait for Tom and Erik and Gabby to arrive. I hope to have it all done up the way we want by the time they get here. It's a slow process though and alot of sweat equity. There are things that need some fixin' up, but then those who know me well, know that is right up my alley! If you put Martha Stewart and Bob Vila together, well there ya have me!

It will all come together and fall into place once we get everything here. I'll have access to all my tools and things needed to complete our new home.

Until we meet again....and I get pictures of the inside...


Joris said...

Hey Wishy Washey Georgia Girl!!!

I love the pictures of the new place and can't wait to see it from the inside!
It must be a lot of work but when it's all finished it will be all worth it!!

love ya!

Sharyn said...

I absolutely adore that you have clothes on the line you wishy washy washer woman you! I feel like we're soulmates! ;)