Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My World

My world is better in color.
No lack of it in this room, that's for sure.
It's all about the M.
By the time I am done with this bulletin board, it will say, "It's All About The M" on it. However, due to circumstance, ALL my alphabets are in Minnesota!! {Along with my cardstock, trimmer, stamp pads, etc.} Where's the priorities, I tell ya!
This shower caddy works great for my paint holder! It also houses my newly found treasure the Xacto set. Tiffany found that in the old house and said, "Don't say I never gave you nothing."
Thanks Tiffany! I'm sure it will come in handy as I brush up on my xacto skills.

My cool collection of other treasures...Jars that we found here!! Awesome stuff...one woman's trash is another woman's treasure!!
All these jars (except the Prima ones) were also found here. I put my flower collection in them. It will remind me to take time to smell the flowers most days...and I need to scrap more too!!

On another note, I was hanging clothes out yesterday and had some random thoughts. So my question is to you...How do your shorts hang? Do we all hang our clothes the same way?

My shorts hang by the waist...while my pants hang by the legs. Hehe.

Have a wonderamous day, ya'll. Take time to smell the flowers...it's a brand new day everyday.



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