Monday, January 28, 2008


Laundry on the line...for Torm! I love the smell of freshly hung sheets and towels..minus the Downy 'cause that's just too spendy right now!! Love me some wooden clothespins...and I ordered my new clothesline pole too yesterday!! Now, all I need is the retractable clothesline. Can't wait to put that in!! Love me some sledgehammer action too!!
{Happy Monday Torm!!}
Well as I type this, my list is getting shorter. I only have the dining room and kitchen left to do. {Thanks Chipster for the motivation yesterday!}

My room (minus the electric blanket cord) and what it smells like!! YUMMMMM!!!!

My bathroom...A Starry Night always!! {It smells like the bedroom, imagine that!}

Two little girls waiting on the Prince in his white horse to pick them up at the end of the driveway and bring them up to the house. They sure were cute standing out there!! But alas, he'll have to show up another day when he's got more time to play (and bring the boy too!!).

And last, but certainly not least, Happy Birthday Dad. My dad would have been 70 today had he been here. We miss you dad!!


tiffanysolano said...

Your dad would be very proud of you and everything you have accomplished!!! He raised two beautiful, intelligent, and fantastic daughters. I am sure he is looking down upon you all and smiling each and everyday!!

Joris said...

I always have the feeling that our loved ones are very close. They keep an eye on us and watch us get through the good and the bad times, even if they are not there. I think your dad would give you a wink right now and I also think with Tiffany that he would be very proud of we all are.