Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Woohoo!! It's Wednesday! Which means it's the last day for my boss to be in the office this week, since he took Thursday and Friday off! It also's the middle of my work week! I so look forward to my weekends and having days off!

I received a package yesterday in the mail. It was from my good friend Qui. A cordless optical mouse. Soooo cool. I'm getting used to it this morning. It's kinda hard to keep that cursor on the screen!! And multitasking on both of my screens, well that's a lil bit tougher. I'll get the hang of it though, by the end of the night! Thanks again Qui!!

I also received some souvenirs from my best friend Cheryl. She made a trip to Phoenix to visit her mom last week and brought back some t-shirts for the kids, a windchime for me, a welcome sign and some potpourri too! Thanks Cheryl!!

I'll post some pictures tonight! Have a great day!!

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Torm said...

I wish I could have taken a picture of myself...We just spent the last few minutes, me...with one baby on each knee...watching your whole video. LOL Both boys were glued. You were our evening entertainment. Who was that guy anyway? good tune