Wednesday, November 13, 2013


14 years ago today I gave birth to my fourth and final child. I can remember my father coming to see me at 6:30 in the morning. I had asked him if he wanted to see her be born as this was the last grandchild and his last chance to experience such a thing. He declined and told me that only daddies should see their babies be born. He was such a modest man. He went home to bed as he had been working the night shift at Wal-Mart and was tired. Little did I know that 5 1/2 hours later, she'd be here.

Dr. Howell walked in at 11:58 a.m., put a glove on, and caught her head as she was coming out. I only pushed a couple times and there she was. I almost had to deliver her myself as the nurses were telling me to not push. Seriously, if you're an OB nurse, that's one thing that should NEVER come out of your mouth.

Two of my most favorite memories from the day you were born.
So, Miss Monique Louise Trump, at 14 years of age here's what I know.

You have a love for animals. Clearly seen here as you cuddled with Denise's puppy and fed her horses.
You are a smart girl, although you don't always act that way, I know better.
You love your family, but would rather text than talk on the phone.
You've played Volleyball, Football, and now Basketball.
You've been on the Danceline team.
You're still best friends with Mollie Kaupa.
You're still the Princess in the house.

You'll always be my baby no matter how old you get. Even when you're 71 and I'm 100. And I'll always love you, even when I'm dead and gone.

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