Monday, January 30, 2012

2 Months Post Op

This post is a bit late for the 2 month mark.  But here is a photo from January 19, 2012 in my bathing suit.  I should have taken a photo of me in my suit the day before surgery, but I didn't.  I do have one from the doctor's office from back in December 2010 with my sweats on, but you can't really tell just how big I was because they are so baggy.
I took my measurements on January 18, 2012 and at that time I weighed 215 pounds. (I weigh 207 today!)  They are as follows:

Hips:  49 inches
Waist:  38 inches
Bust:  40 inches (36 inch chest)
Thighs:  R-30 L-31
Arms:  R-16 L-16

All I can say is....Victoria's Secret here I come! :)  And I feel good. Physically and otherwise.  I do plan on joining the gym here in the next couple weeks to tone up and get some muscle.  I want to avoid the saggy skin syndrome most often associated with bariatric surgery.  If I want to look good, I have to work hard.  Lots of that going on these days too! 
I switched houses within the MSOCS organization so now I work in Faribault with my bestie Cheryl Benzick.  So excited for her to come back to work full time and actually work together. 
And in order for me to advance in my career and become a Supervisor, I have to have a Bachelor's degree.  So back to school I go!  I was partly inspired by a good friend of mine, Ricky Webb, who is attending Rasmussen College in Eagan and I followed him there.  I will be taking my classes all online however and they will start a mock class tomorrow with real classes starting next Monday. 
So go me.
I just can't give up and have to keep on trying and work hard!
Until next month,

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