Saturday, August 7, 2010

Progress Made

I am making progress in my jump on the exercise bandwagon. 
I started out on Sunday July 11, 2010 walking for 4 minutes 49 seconds and .25 miles.
Last night I walked 2.3 miles in 32 minutes 29 seconds.
All of this according to my Nike + on my iTouch.
I've increased my mile time by 5 minutes.  That is I can now walk a mile in 14 minutes 7 seconds, where on the first day it was 19 minutes 5 seconds.
I can run (without pain in my knee) for 30 seconds even.  Someday I will get to where I can run for miles, but until then, we are working into that.  
Not bad for someone who's quite overweight.

Oh and I am trying to make the transition from the treadmill to the great outdoors.  Weather depending of course.  I think I've walked outside 3 or 4 times this week which is a HUGE accomplishment for me since I don't like being outside much unless the conditions are absolutely perfect.

And I am making healthier choices when it comes to eating.  I am also trying to cut back on my portions.  That part is easy for me as I don't require much food anyway.  It's the healthy choice thing that I have to think about constantly.

Since I started out on July 11, I think I will make the 11th of every month my weigh in date.  I did lose 2 pounds in the first couple weeks, so we will see this next week what my weight is.  Hopefully some of this fat is turning into muscle as I continue to walk on a daily basis.  I was thinking I should take a day off, but I want this fat gone like yesterday.  I even consulted with my sister on joining the gym to get a regular regimen going so I can hurry up this process.  We'll see about that though.

I'll check in on the 11th and post my progress or digress here.  Hopefully it will be progress.
Until then.

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