Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Did It

Well I finally did it.  Jumped on the "Exercise" bandwagon. 
I purchased a treadmill from a friend for $50.
I purchased a pair of Nike+ shoes for $50.
And I upgraded to an iTouch.
And started to exercise daily.  At first it was 10 minutes.  Then I worked my way up to 15 in a couple days.  Now I can go 25 minutes and 1.3 miles a day.  It's only been 3 weeks.  And 2 pounds less.
My measurements and weight as of today:
Now that's some personal stuff going up on here, but you know what it comes down too?  Accountability.  If I throw my stuff out there like that, I have to be accountable for my progress.  Period.

And I highly recommend the Nike+ website.  AWESOME to set goals and track my progress.  Even MORE awesome to meet and/or EXCEED those goals.  I set weekly and realistic goals.  I am not even close to running a marathon yet, but maybe one day next year I will be.  First, I have to ease into that running thing as I'm just walking now.  But I'm walking 6 miles a week at around 19 minutes, so it's all good. 

And I'm making healthier choices.  Except for Sundays.  That's my cheater day.  And I don't feel guilty at all for making any choice.  As long as I exercise, it's all good.

Happy Sunday!

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Petra said...

That's awesome! Keep it up, girl!! You rock! :)