Sunday, October 28, 2012

Doing It For Diggy

2's never stand alone.
It's my favorite motto. It's my favorite number.
This rang true at last night's W-E-M Buccaneers football game and section semi-final.
Yesterday the team lost one of their own in a tragic duck hunting accident. The boat the boys were hunting in capsized and Brady "Diggy" Hruska #2 drown on Lake Elysian, getting hung up in the duck decoys. The team had a meeting with his parents at noon on Saturday and unanimously decided to play the game and "Do It For Diggy" as that is what he would want.  Brady's dad was given his jersey and walked out the center of the field with the team Captains for the Captain's coin toss.  It was very emotional.

The boys all had the number 2 on the back of their helmets and all of them had bright green somewhere on their person, whether is was their shoelaces or athletic tape, it didn't matter. 
They were all thinking about Brady without a doubt. 
Even the opposing Medford Tigers had white stripes on their arms in memory and honor of Brady. 
They showed true class and sportsmanship and lost gracefully to the Buccaneers 34-21. 
They all truly played a great game.
They were ALL winners. 

And after the game, both teams, coaches and players, came together to say a prayer for Brady, a teammate and football brother forever gone, but never forgotten.  Even the Medford fans stayed after the game in honor of Brady.
Brady's parents were given the game ball by all the senior football players, a momento of a night never forgotten for the rest of their lives. 
R.I.P. Brady "Diggy" Hruska


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